Student Writes Emotional Message Over Lingering ASUU Strike.

After series of fruitless meetings between the ASUU and FG regarding the ASUU strike, Schoolsmint Team have decided to carry out survey among students of various institution in Nigeria to see how they feel and what they have to say about the almost one year ongoing strike. Two particular students voiced out strongly against the strike, one wants to be anonymous, and the other is a student of the University of Ilorin. Who is also a writer known as the penlord expressed his views and pains about the ongoing strike.

Here’s a summary of the survey carried out and these are the ones that is worth posting on our blog, but you can drop yours in the comment box below to express how you feel about the FG and ASUU deadlock meetings and the strike.

asuu strike

Here are their expressions below:


When you finally decide to reopen schools, I’m sorry to say you will notice so many empty seats in the classes upon resumption. No, these students have not dropped out of schools nor moved on, they died because many of them were exposed to the evil eyes of the villagers, they died because they became idle at home and the destroyer decided to engage them, they died because they had nowhere to go and became hawkers who were then killed by automobiles.


Some of us were not very bright students in the class, but we loved the zeal of our course mates and we emulated them and studied like them and became brilliant too. We are sorry to say we have lost the zeal and passion for learning. If you someday reopen schools and you notice most of us have become tardy and slow in response, blame us not for you have majorly and intensely contributed to our downfall.


We came to school not because we knew jobs awaited us upon graduation but because we love to learn and our parents were willing to pay for our learning despite the deplorable state of our learning environment, but you both conspired and melt our wings, now we have forgotten how to fly. We won’t forget this act of kindness from you.


Many of us might not return to the classrooms upon resumption because many have found a survival strategy away from the four walls of the classrooms. We blame you for our failings and we thank you for the years of learning. But we beg you, may this be the last dance of the gods. Sometimes parents refuse to quarrel for the sake of the children but these parents (FG and ASUU) have been quarreling oblivious of the trauma their children pass through. No thanks to you two!”

We your favorite students have found ways to be better and make money. You told us education can make us successful and since you’ve failed to give us that success we have decided to look for other ways to be called successful.

There are many of us who have no interest in education but because we see the feats our mates are pulling off in the educational line, we became interested and wanted to try our best too but now that you have decided to destroy the future we have built for ourselves, now that you have decided to turn us to hustlers instead of leaders, know that its your fault.

Your best students are already wasting away at home finding another way to be better. Your best students are now the ones finding it easy to say that education does not count. Well, whose fault? It’s your fault ASUU/FG! We were entrusted to you as young teenagers to be groomed and built to be the leaders that we are but now you have thrown away our future, dashed our hopes and leave us to degrade.

As people and young minds who have decided to be a leader and no more mediocre, we will find our way, we will eventually rise beyond your games and we will one day no longer be your pawns. But know this, we will not forget the fact that you played games with our future.

We are people who are ready to learn, who are ready to grow and be useful to the society in an awesome and more beautiful way but because of the games you play with our life, we can only go forward but not far.
Yes, we see the games that you play both with our lives, our rights and education, but I know that one day, we will be totally free from the tentacles of your games.

We, the poor masses who are struggling to make our parents smile and proud through education are now left to wonder if we still have a strand of hope or a good thing to a smile about.

We hope that in future you will not value us for what we have become and you will get to be trampled by the monsters that you have made!

Copyright Penlord

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