Hello friends, welcome to the Schoolsmint education blog today I will show you  List of  Top Undergraduate Scholarships In Nigeria.

Let’s get to business honestly,in the past years I’ve once be a victim of this i tried surfing through the net so as to get undergraduate schorlarships so that it will be a bonus for me since my parent will surely pay for my tuition fees and i am aware that most of us tried as much to help our  parent also.Ever since the lauching of this blog a post concerning scholarship has not been brought  up on this blog so as of today thursday the admin of this blog is bringing us scholarship update  for the first time in order to help a soul like us who has been looking for this for years.
Let’s start with the category of scholarship in nigeria be it undergradate scholarships or postgraduate scholarships.Scholarship in Nigeria is of 2 categories;

undergraduate scholarships in nigeria

  1. INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP (Sponsored by other country governvent)
  2. LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP(Sponsored by Nigerian government ,Oil Company and other bodies such as NGO or an indiviadual)

But under this page we are going to discuss undergraduate scholarship in Nigeria.
Before proceeding let list some require document needed to apply for  application.

  1. Passport photograph with white background not more than 3 months old (450px by 450px not more than 200kb)
  2. School ID card
  3. Admission letter
  4. Birth certificate
  5. O’ Level result
  6. JAMB Result
  7. Local Government Area Letter of Identification
  8. NIN

Some might not be needed out of this and all might be needed we are just trying to let you know important document you needed for application.

Below are the top undergraduate scholarship in nigeria;


  • Bilateral Education Agreement Scholarship

According to Federal scholarship board   The Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) Division of the Federal Scholarship Board (FSB) which is primarily charged with the responsibility of implementing scholarship Awards between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Governments of Countries that have signed Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) with Nigeria.The requirement for all undergraduate scholarship in Nigeria has been  discuss before listing the undergraduate scholarship in Nigeria.
You can apply through this http://www.education.gov.ng/index.php/9-uncategorised/186-bilateral-edu-agree-awards when it is out .we will update you on how to apply soon.

  • PTDF Scholarships Programme

You can apply through this https://ptdf.gov.ng/

It is a scholarship fund by The Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), it is open to all nigeria undergraduate.This Scholarship is awarded to study in UK &France for postgraduate and Phd,it is awarded to study only in Nigeria for Undergraduate.Deadline for application is usually around october.

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  • MTN Scholarship Scheme

According the sponsorer (MTN) The MTN Scholarship Scheme is an annual scholarship award that seeks to recognize and reward qualified high performing students. It is made up of the MTN Science and Technology Scholarship Scheme (MTN STSS) and the MTN Scholarship Scheme for Blind Students (MTN SSBS). Both Scholarships under the Youth Empowerment Cause, are currently in their 9th and 7th phase respectively.You can apply through this https://www.mtnonline.com/scholarships/

  • Chevron/NNPC National University Scholarship

It is an oil company scholarship which is open to nigerian second year undergraduate approved course by the body.The scholarship i awarded annually and approved course change annually.The scholarship covers the full time studyfrom the third year to final year.

You can apply through https://scholastica.ng/ information on how to apply will be posted soon.


  • Chevron Agbami Undergraduate Scholarships

It is a scholarship open to nigerian undergraduate in  medical and engineering  field approved course .It span through across the federation.It covers the full time study.

You can apply through this https://scholastica.ng/

  • Shell Nigeria University Undergraduate Scholarships Programme 

It is open to first year nigerian university undergraduate throughout the nation.This undergraduate scholarships sponsorer aim is to provide academic excellence.
You can apply through their website http://shell.com.ng

  • SNEPCO/NNPC University Undergraduate Scholarships

It is also an oil company undergraduate scholarships which is open to only approved course in any Nigerian University before but there is change in that  this year it is now open to all courses in any Nigerian University .
Their mode of application is scholastica you can follow the link up there to create a scholastica account we will update a post on how to apply for the scholarship. 

  • Agip Oil Company Undergraduate Scholarships

The scholarship is awarded to full time Year 1 undergraduate Nigerians in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. The awards are of 2 categories – the Host Communities Merit Award and the National Merit Award.
Their Application deadline is usually in March.

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  • Mobil Nigeria Undergraduate National Scholarship Programme

The scholarship award is annually and it is awarded to qualified undergraduate students in Nigerian Universities. Those that are qualified and suitable students for the scholarship are the currently admitted Nigerian Universities undergraduates irrespective of the state  including the Federal Capital Territory. Applicants must be in their 1st or 2nd year of study of approved courses.

Deadline is usually August.

  • Nigeria LNG Scholarship Scheme

The scholarship award is open to all Nigerian undergraduates in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The award payment is paid annually to the qualiified student.

Application deadline is usually in July.

  • Total Nigeria National Merit Scholarship Programme

Total Scholarship is awarded annually to  Nigerian students in secondary and tertiary institutions and also postgraduate student.

Deadline is usually April .


  • Addax/NNPC National Tertiary Institutions Merit Scholarship Programme

The scholarship is awarded to qualified students of Nigerian. Applicants must be full time first year undergraduate students in any Nigerian tertiary institutions, and all courses offered at Nigerian tertiary institutions are eligible for the application .

Deadline is usually May

  • Young Women’s Scholarship Program

The 2 association which are (Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation and the Association of Nigerian Women Leaders in Diaspora) come together to award $1000 scholarships to promising female college students of Nigerian heritage in the Washington, DC metropolitan area .

This isn’t all but these are the top scholarship in the country we will keep updating them stay tuned.Kindly use the share button below if you find this helpful.


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